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Gastric Balloon Procedure

The Intragastric Balloon procedure is a less invasive procedure in which a medical grade synthetic balloon is inserted endoscopically into the stomach. Once inserted, it’s filled, via removable catheter, with a saline solution sufficient to displace about one third of the patient’s stomach volume. It was specifically designed to help obese patients achieve their weight loss goals without an invasive surgical procedure.

Most overweight people understand the basic problem with losing weight. Diets deliver short term success without providing a long term strategy. The result is the so-called “yo-yo effect” and ultimate diet failure. That’s why medical intervention via a Gastric Balloon is well suited for sustainable weight loss.

Weight reduction using the Gastric Balloon is more successful because the therapy has so many advantages. On the one hand, it is a non-surgical outpatient procedure which takes only about 20 minutes. And, because there are no incisions, there’s minimal surgical risk and possible associated complications.

The presence of the balloon “disciplines” the patient against binge eating and gradually teaches a healthier attitude towards portion control and blocks diet self-sabotage. Furthermore, in the case of our 1-year balloon, displacement is adjustable; a useful feature since the body can compensate for a reduction in stomach volume.

By using a Gastric Balloon the stomach holds less food and retains ingested food longer. Both effects cause the patient to feel less hungry and allow better compliance with required lifestyle changes. 


At Baltic Bariatric we are pleased to offer both a 6-month Standard Balloon and 1-year Spatz® Adjustable Balloon System.

About Spatz® Adjustable Balloon System

Is gastric balloon suitable for me?

If you are at least 18 years old, overweight with a BMI of at least 27, and are seriously considering taking a food program and adopting a new lifestyle to lose weight, a balloon gastric may be your best solution.

A gastric balloon is a particularly interesting solution for patients wanting to lose weight, but who do not want to undergo very invasive bariatric surgery, or who do not qualify because of their low BMI. We, at Baltic Bariatric, are excited to offer Allergan Orbera® and Spatz ™ , the latest breakthrough in nonsurgical weight loss technology. The reason we have been able to offer the Spatz ™ system to our relatively low IMC patients is that this system is adjustable with extended implantation (up to 1 year). The Spatz ™ system has already undergone clinical trials in Europe and is the only approved balloon for full implementation for one year.

If you are chronically overweight, your BMI is between "low to medium" and you prefer to avoid invasive surgery, the gastric balloon technique would be the best solution for you. This technique will help you get rid of the incessant feeling of hunger and get used to moderate meals. In addition to all this, the gastric balloon technique will cost you half the cost of a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve.