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Gastric Bypass Procedure

Our patients can also benefit from laparoscopic gastric bypass bypass, particularly the internationally known technique called Roux-en-Y (RGB), which is the bariatric procedure. most popular. The procedure is performed by passing surgical instruments, including a laparoscopic camera, through small abdominal incisions. 

During the procedure, the surgeon separates the upper (the smaller) part of the stomach from the lower (the larger) part with staples. The small intestine is then rerouted, while remaining connected to the two gastric pouches thus created.

The main connection, also called "Roux limb", reroutes food from the newly created upper pouch to the small intestine (duodenum).

The volume of the stomach is markedly reduced, which translates into low caloric intake, an immediate feeling of satiety and, consequently, weight loss.

Patients who can benefit from gastric bypass surgery are those who are chronically overweight and for whom traditional strategies, such as diet and exercise, have proven ineffective. The patients who can benefit more particularly are those suffering from an illness related to obesity such as diabetes or hypertension. These patients need an effective solution to solve their overweight problems.

To qualify for bariatric surgery you must be considered medically obese "overweight" with a BMI of at least 35 during the last two years. You can also benefit from the procedure with a BMI slightly lower than 35 if you have other serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or sleep apnea. The prospective patient should recognize that gastric bypass surgery is a major surgery with all its inherent risks.

Although gastric bypass surgery can bring many benefits, including weight loss and relief of overweight conditions, it should be noted that this procedure is irreversible and that its success requires a significant change in lifestyle and lifestyle. eating habits of the patient. This procedure is not meant for everyone, but it could be a powerful weapon against chronic obesity by offering hope to millions of overweight patients looking to lead a healthier and happier life.